EXPO & EDUCATION • AUGUST 16 & 17, 2018 - #SEBC40

Building & Design

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Day 1
27 Jul 2017

The State of the Smart Home

We are living in the exciting dawn of the smart home market. How do you take advantage of this? What products should consumers adopt, and which first? How do manufacturers...
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Daniel DiClerico

Budget Friendly High-End Design: Combining Thoughtful Design with Innovative Materials and Stunning Finishes

Having a high-end looking model doesn’t have to be difficult, even with a limited decorating budget. Fortunately, there are ways – even on a budget – that you can get...
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Kay Green

Plumbing Systems, Water Quality & Liability – What Builders Need to Know

Plumbing Systems are a critical component of a home that builders frequently defer to their contractors. With at least 22 class-action lawsuits involving systemic plumbing material failures since 2000, this...
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Steve Easley
Jonathan Simon

Building Micro: How the Tiny House Movement Plays a Role in Future Housing Developments 

Wanting to know more about how to include efficiency condos, tiny houses and cottage courts into your future developments?  Are you curious to know who your market is and how do you...
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Will Johnston

Technology, Design, and Color Preferences by Generation

During this upbeat, and informative presentation, you will learn how interior merchandising geared specifically to the different generations will help you SELL MORE HOMES. Incorporating the latest trends in design,...
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Lesley McCarthy

Exterior Cladding with Treated Engineered Wood Trim and Siding

Develop an appreciation for the category of “Treated Engineered Wood Siding” and how it has evolved over the last 30 years, by understanding how it is manufactured, designed, installed and...
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Mark Rose
Day 2
28 Jul 2017

Decoding Unvented Attics in Hot-Humid Climates

Across the U.S. builders are being asked to build tighter and more energy-efficient homes. Accomplishing these goals under the pressures of today’s market is not always any easy task. High-performance...
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Insight Into Property Valuations

Mr. Singh can speak to a variety of topics related to property values. Conference attendees who are interested in remodeling/home improvement trades will appreciate Mr. Singh’s insight into how property...
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Rick Singh

Design is in the Details: New Fixtures, Features, and Floorplans

What sells a home in today’s market? Is your sales team demonstrating the new features in your model effectively? This presentation will cover how important upgraded amenities are to a...
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Kay Green

Panel: Material and Product Trends in the Southeast

Nigel F. Maynard is an award-winning editor, writer, and blogger who has covered the building products, construction, and luxury design market for more than 18 years. Join him and a...
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Drew Smith
Lenny Sanclemente
Nigel Maynard

Trends Driving 55+ Home Sales

Don’t miss this comprehensive visual presentation that identifies the top macros driving 55+ home sales. You will come away with an in-depth knowledge of what the 55+ buyer wants in...
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Lesley McCarthy

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