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Those eligible to attend/register for SEBC include: builders, developers, remodelers, engineers, sub-contractors, architects, interior designers, purchasing agents, sales and marketing professionals, trade partners, exhibitors and any other individuals working in the building industry. Individuals not meeting these eligibility requirements may include: Guest/Keynote speakers, Future Builders of America members, home builder/industry association staff, press, or any other individual who has been personally invited to attend by the SEBC Committee. SEBC is not a public event. The SEBC Expo Hall will display products that may not be safe for small or unattended children. All eligible attendees/registrants must be over the age of 16 to enter the Expo Hall. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the Expo Hall.


SEBC does not provide Visa Invitation Letters to foreign attendees. All International registrant payments (outside US and Canada) must be processed onsite.


The SEBC attendee list is freely given to all SEBC exhibitors, as part of the booth package, on three occasions:

  • 30 days prior to the show,
  • 15 days prior to the show, and
  • Immediately following the show.

Unauthorized companies have reportedly contacted SEBC exhibitors to purchase the current year’s SEBC attendee list. This is a scam. These companies may claim to be a partner or work with show management services, implying they work with SEBC. This is an outright false claim.

SEBC only coordinates with four preferred vendors to provide you services during the event. Aside from SEBC show management, the companies listed below may contact you to assist with your booth:

  • The Expo Group
  • Compusystems Registration Services
  • Orange County Convention Center
  • SmartCity
  • LMG
  • Centerplate/Sudexo

SEBC does not sell, share, or distribute you or your company’s contact information to any other third-party companies.

SEBC is working diligently to provide a cease and desist order to these unauthorized companies. Until we are successful in the removal of this scam, we would advise you of the following:

  • Never purchase attendee lists when they are offered in your booth package
  • Forward any false-claim emails to your company’s IT Department, requesting they block the domain name
  • Please contact SEBC show management with any and all concerns



The following companies have reportedly contacted SEBC exhibitors to secure hotel rooms for SEBC. These companies are not authorized to represent SEBC, nor do they have access to officially contract hotel room blocks or rates on behalf of SEBC.

  •  GE Group Travel: 888-467-7279
  •  National Travel Accommodations/NTA: 877-595-7666
  •  Allied Acquisition Services: 888-908-8155 or 212-441-3140 or 855-987-4400
  •  A&C Marketing: 352-375-0086 or 352-264-0044
  •  Convention Housing Authority: 212-441-3140
  •  Expo Housing Services/EHS: 866-319-3976
  •  Exhibition Housing Management/EHM Travel: 866-367-4414
  •  Global Housing Management: 877-410-9927
  •  Tira Convention Travel Management/Group Tira: 877-607-3888
  •  CH Planners: 800-801-4174
  •  Executive Events: 888-393-5217
  •  Exhibitor Housing Services: 800-217-4402
  •  Trade Show Housing: 877-577-1806


SEBC does not authorize any company to handle your reservations. The official host hotel for the 2024 SEBC is the Rosen Centre Hotel located at 9840 International Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32819.SEBC also has an official partnership with The Hilton Orlando located at 6001 Destination Parkway Orlando, FL 32819. 

For your own protection, please do not make reservations through any unknown housing or travel company. If you receive a call or e-mail from any company that is not our official housing provider, please contact us immediately at kkoch@sebcshow.com.

There are many reported situations of false or deceptive activities by some of these third-party room block marketers. Here are some things to be aware of:

Many of these agencies cannot guarantee a reservation because they do not have contracts for room block with the host hotel Rosen Centre Hotel. They will contact a housing wholesaler to see if anything is available that can be resold to you.

Even legitimate wholesalers cannot knowingly book convention attendees in the convention room block. Only the host hotel (Rosen Centre Hotel) can book within our block of rooms. If the hotel determines a convention attendee has been solicited or contacted by a wholesaler, the room rate may be increased to match or exceed the group rate or the room reservation may be canceled. A rate quote from a room broker is not a guaranteed rate.

Rooms booked through unauthorized housing companies must sometimes be fully prepaid. Rather than a one-night deposit, an unauthorized company may require payment of the full cost for the entire stay for each room booked at the time of booking and include a surcharge per night stayed.

Reservation confirmations and numbers are often not available from these companies until less than a week before the arrival date. Even then, this may not guarantee that a room will be available when you arrive.

Generally, these companies cannot secure a large block of rooms; only one or two at a time. Exhibitors should be particularly wary, since they often need to book a group of rooms for their staff who will be exhibiting during the Convention.

Name changes on room reservations with unofficial wholesalers/room brokers may be difficult to make.

SEBC may not be able to assist attendees who have reserved rooms outside the blocks if problems result from booking through an unauthorized company. SEBC contracts with The Hilton Orlando and The Rosen Centre Hotel for our blocks and includes clauses to protect our attendees should the hotels oversell the rooms or should any issues arise with reservations.

Please note: Some of these unauthorized companies may claim to be a partner of SEBC or even outright falsely claim to be SEBC’s housing company, however, a legitimate company would not call or contact you unless you had initiated contact with them first. If you are contacted by a company that is not the Orange County Convention Center, or if you are ever unsure whether or not a company is legitimate, please immediately e-mail SEBC at kkoch@sebcshow.com.



No video or photography solicitation will be allowed during the Southeast Building Conference. SEBC secures and contracts with videographers and photographers to be official representatives of the event. No other vendors are approved for solicitation.


Registration and attendance at, or participation in, SEBC meetings and other activities constitutes an agreement by the registrant to permit show managements use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the registrant or attendees image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions, audiotapes of such events and activities.


No solicitation of services or products will be allowed on the SEBC Expo Hall floor other than SEBC Exhibitors or official SEBC Partners.


Registration for SEBC meetings and other activities constitutes an agreement by the registrant to permit use and distribution of the registrant’s contact information to contracted SEBC exhibitors. SEBC management will hold registrants contact information confidential and will not sell or freely distribute such information to parties who are not contracted SEBC exhibitors. To opt-out of a contracted SEBC exhibitor communication, registrants must opt-out with the exhibiting company, not SEBC management.


Exhibitor information is provided solely for the use of attendees to search for products and services offered by exhibiting companies. Use of this information for solicitation purposes of any kind, by anyone other than a registered attendee, is strictly prohibited.


For safety reasons, exhibits are to be kept intact until the official closing of the show at 4:00 p.m. EST on July 25, 2024. You will have until 10:00 pm EST to finish breaking down. SEBC Committee members will be monitoring the hall to ensure that all exhibitors adhere to our breakdown policy. Exhibitors who breakdown their booth before 4:00 pm EST during the 2024 SEBC show will be charged on their next SEBC exhibit space contract an additional $250 refundable deposit. However, exhibitors who incur this additional deposit and then adhere to SEBC booth breakdown policy at their next SEBC show will receive a full refund of $250.