EXPO & EDUCATION • AUGUST 16 & 17, 2018 - #SEBC40

Business Management

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Day 1
27 Jul 2017

2017 Labor and Employment Regulations

Labor & Employment: What will Trump DO…and Undo? A review and update on regulations and enforcement changes on the horizon under the new administration – Overtime Rules and the White...
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Richard Alaniz

Implementing Technology & Data Solutions to Drive Lean Construction and Profitability

The emergence of construction technology has sparked an overdue industry-wide revolution. According to the World Economic Forum, since 1964, due to technological advancement, non-farm business labor has experienced 172% greater...
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Steve Coughran

How To Be a Hero in Today’s Digital World

It’s not easy to standout online and reach new customers in the world of the internet. Being a hero in your business is hard work, you can’t ‘save everyone’ or...
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Chris Dudley

Competing on Business Analytics

Did you know that in one minute: Twitter users average over 100,000 tweets, Facebook users post 684,478 pieces of content, email users send 204,000,000 messages, and consumers spend $272,070 on...
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Steve Coughran

It’s a Millennial Workplace – How Different Can It Be?

Do you know that the largest segment in today’s workforce is the Millennial Generation? This change in the talent landscape has created both challenges and opportunities for business leaders who...
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Dan Vaughn

How to Develop Real Estate Tax-Free Using a Solo 401(k) or Self Directed IRA

This seminar will teach Builders, Contractors and Developers the strategies, legal structures and tools needed to develop real estate tax free using a Solo 401(k) or a Self-Directed IRA. Case...
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Stephen Speiser
Day 2
28 Jul 2017

Simple Steps to Asset Protection

This easy to understand presentation allows participants to not only truly grasp the concepts of asset protection immediately, but enables them to implement asset protection strategies the very next day.
Stephen Speiser

Protect Your Right to Get Paid

Topics that will get you paid include: How to secure your lien rights? How to secure my bond claim rights? How can I use my lien and bond rights to...
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Ariela Wagner

Florida Midyear Housing and Economic Forecast

We’ll examine the state of housing in Florida forecast forward the full year activity for 2017. In addition, we’ll share an exclusive look forward into 2018. We will provide analysis...
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Tony Polito

Business Planning For the Future

Business owners are often looking for ways to become more efficient, more productive and more profitable. They are also interested in maximizing the value of their business. This course is...
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Dennis Harrelson

Manage Your Jobs On the Go

Over the last decade communication and project management in construction has changed dramatically. Join us to learn how cloud-based software is helping builders run their businesses more effectively and efficiently....
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Paul Wurth

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