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SEBC 2013 Schedule

July 11-13, 2013

Exhibit Hall Hours:

Thursday, July 11

- Opening Ceremonies
Friday, July 12
Saturday, July 13

11 am – 5 pm

8 am  – 10:30 am
9 am – 4 pm
9 am – 3 pm

Vision Statement

To become the most significant and successful regional building trade show in the South by delivering the highest quality education in the industry and creating a powerful business-to-business networking environment.

Mission of the Southeast Building Conference:

To deliver maximum value to attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, partners and stakeholders by presenting a show that is consistently rich in educational content, peer-to-peer interaction, and business-building opportunities for exhibitors.

Build Business Face-to-Face

SEBC is the perfect opportunity to foster existing client relationships, connect with new clients and meet with your industry peers and colleagues. SEBC will host special events built around creating opportunities for face-face meetings.

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