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The Live Demonstration Stage is a great place to see products in action, with a fully built out environment, and company representatives on hand providing best practices, insights, and more! Check back soon for a complete schedule of live demonstrations taking place during SEBC 2024.

Live Demo Schedule

Wednesday | July 19

10:15 AMSurvived Ian?: Be Prepared For Next Hurricane - Securing Wood Frame StructuresFACT: We live in a hurricane prone state. So let’s build homes and structures that are ready to meet the challenges that come with hurricanes. Join us as we talk through the many mechanical fastening systems that help us achieve this, while demonstrating the proper installation of those components.Walt Tomala; Joe Cook
11:15 AMRoofing Underlayment's: Starting Your Roofing Out RightRoofing has been pretty straightforward and simple over the centuries. Build a structure and put something on top of it that stops water and other elements from coming getting in. What we use to accomplish this has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Stop in as we not only discuss the new technology but show some of the very best underlayment’s being
Walt Tomala; Joe Cook
12:15 PMRoofing Treatments & Trims: Tricks & TechniquesWe will discuss and review proper techniques for specialty roofing products, such as clay, composite, concrete, and steel. The proper installation of these products are critical to the system’s performance. Join our team as we demonstrate the installation of a stone coated steel roofing system and all of its components & sealants.Walt Tomala; Joe Cook
1:15 PMFun With Flashing Products, Tips & TechniquesAs we pursue greater efficiency and comfort goals, the penetrations in our buildings envelope becomes the battleground where we achieve victory or experience failure. In treating these areas, we must overcome differential movement and face material compatibility issues that require careful consideration for long-term durability. We’ll show you new ways to effectively use sealants and new products that install not only easier but better than ever before. Then we’ll test what you’ve learned and turn it over to the audience to try their skills in the highly anticipated flashing race!Walt Tomala; Joe Cook
2:15 PMMoisture Protection @ Penetration RaceCome join us for a fun and educational exterior wall penetration flashing race. This is an audience participation race for the best builder / installer bragging rights, so bring your “A” game and get ready to Flash it right and water tight.Walt Tomala; Joe Cook; Audience

Thursday | July 20

10:15 AMComfort Air Solutions - Mini Splits, Heat Pumps, ERV’s, HRV’s &
Where and when are these items necessary in order to deliver the comfort our home owners are looking for. Want a challenge? How about turning a garage into a gym? These unconditioned space are on the table for this conversation all while we show you how to properly install one.Walt Tomala; Joe Cook
11:15 AMWeather Resistant Barrier: Choosing The Best Barrier Depends On More Than Best PriceGone are the days of one way of “weathering in” a house. Today, we have a myriad of weather-resistant barrier systems from which to choose.
During this demo, explore two of the most popular options available, understand why you might choose one or the other, and watch field tested tips and tricks for getting it done well.
Walt Tomala; Joe Cook
12:15 PMAvoid Leak Window Call Backs: Be Sure To Seal The Deal At The WindowsWindow leaks have plagued homeowners and builders alike, but do they have too? In this session we will demonstrate the use of sealants and flashing tapes to provide the good, better & best practices to make sure all of our windows only get wet on the outside.Walt Tomala; Joe Cook
1:15 PMFirst Impressions Matter & Curb Appeal Is Real: Choosing the Right Siding & TrimSo often siding and exterior trim fall to the bottom of the priority list when it comes to the planning and budgets. Trims are often the first to get cut when budgets get tight, but is that right? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of siding and trims and how choosing the right ones will change the way “everyone” views your work and knows your name.Walt Tomala; Joe Cook

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