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Builder & Exhibitor Exchange (BEX) – FAQ’s


What type of builders will be participating in this event?

A mix of production and custom home builders.

How many builders will I be meeting?

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet with 20-25 builders. During this time exhibitors can showcase new products and services, establish new business relationships & reconnect with past colleagues.

What type of exhibitors/ manufactures will be participating in this event?

Companies that specialize in windows & doors, flooring, appliances, and much more! Limited space available, apply today!

How many representatives from my company get to attend this event?

Each participating exhibitor is invited to bring two representatives.

What items should I to bring to this event?

You will be provided with one (1) table, two (2) chairs for the exhibitor representative(s) and two (2) chairs for the builder(s). Exhibitors are encouraged to bring signage, marketing materials, samples or anything else you would like to distribute.