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Ventilation Code Requirements and Solution Options

Thu, July 20, 2023
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Ventilation Code Requirements and Solution Options

The pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of indoor air quality more than ever.  It’s become a top priority for many homeowners. Can we tighten our homes and still enjoy healthy IAQ?  Yes, we can.  With today’s wide range of innovative ventilation solutions – especially whole house – we can efficiently eliminate harmful pollutants such as particulates, VOCs and mold-causing excess humidity.   Efficient options for providing fresh, clean air are available for a variety of situations, climate zones and budgets.  After a short review of how tighter homes impact the air inside, some ventilation basics as well as how codes and standards are evolving, this session will focus on the options for whole house ventilation – exhaust, supply and balanced.  Opportunities with energy efficient HRVs and ERVs as well as installation options will be given special emphasis.


DBPR Provider #0000916, Florida Home Builders Association

CILB Course #614261 | 1 Hour | General