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Recent Case Studies of Construction Quality Disputes and Resolution

Wed, July 19, 2023
9:05 AM - 10:05 AM

Recent Case Studies of Construction Quality Disputes and Resolution

This course will provide a detailed analysis of selected construction assembly failures and pro-active measures and resolutions which benefited homebuilders and homebuyers alike. Case studies are drawn from Florida, Colorado, and California.

The discussions will require a basic understanding of building science principles covered at SEBC 2022. We will dissect the example projects to identify the points of failure, alternative solutions considered and final outcomes. In each case, corrective measures have encompassed material selections and applications, construction sequencing, and testing protocols. The role of Third Part QA expertise in a pre and during litigation context is also explored.

Weatherproofing, Acoustics and Fire-Rated Assemblies, three major defect litigation generating items, will be discussed, as well as the best strategy to ensure high quality implementation and litigation prevention. The course will also provide insights using QA data to improve building operations and outcomes. The audience will learn up-to-date QA protocols to implement in their organizations.