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Managing Client Expectations in the Pre-Construction Process

Thu, July 20, 2023
10:10 AM - 11:10 AM

Managing Client Expectations in the Pre-Construction Process

Builders often believe they are delivering a superior experience to their clients, but in most cases, the client does not agree. Most are skilled at listening to their clients and communicating the important milestones throughout the build process; but client expectations start much sooner than that, even before speaking with the builder! The pre-construction phase is the most crucial for the builder to truly set up the smoothest build possible and turn clients into raving fans. During this advanced session, the industry veteran presenters discuss everything a builder needs to know about setting, managing and exceeding client expectations, including the best time to start, what needs to be done to both keep clients happy, the builder safe and covered, while both building relationships and setting boundaries. The audience is highly encouraged through an Ask Me Anything (AMA) section. We will stay until every question is addressed.

>Acquire proven strategies for setting and managing client expectations through the preconstruction process

>Gain an understanding of what goes on in the mind of a consumer, why situations can quickly escalate and how to resolve (and even avoid) adverse situations.

>Recognize why doing additional work for free or at cost doesn’t work for residential home builders.

>Learn the most important aspect of managing client expectations every builder must do.