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From Outside to In: A Walk Through the Latest Design Trends

Wed, July 19, 2023
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

From Outside to In: A Walk Through the Latest Design Trends

Learning the latest design trends should be like touring our houses—from the outside to the inside with a thrill of discovery in every step we take. This advanced session will be a different take on 2023 design trends as three thought-leaders work through design ideas the way our buyer’s experience our models. The fast-paced discussion will start with the latest exterior elevation styles, color palettes and affordable material ideas to keep your streetscapes looking trend forward at a price buyers are willing to pay. Walking inside the home creates an entirely new set of top trend questions. No fear, our interior design trend experts will make sure all your floor plans, fit and finishes, color impacts and design style questions are answered.


What You’ll Learn

-Understand what interior design trends are influencing buyer behavior.

-Maximize your elevation and floor plan appeal in a cost-effective way by understanding research based on buyer shifts and desires.

-Gain knowledge of the impact your model home design has on your buyer by knowing the latest in design style trends.

-Explore ideas and strategies that will help you create a design offerings road map for your purchasing and design studio teams.