7 Deadly Sins of Construction Projects and Best Practices to Prevent Them

15 Jul 2021
9:05 AM - 10:05 AM

7 Deadly Sins of Construction Projects and Best Practices to Prevent Them

What and where are construction deficiencies commonly found in residential buildings? The seven deadly sins include: 1) improperly constructed roofs, 2) deficient window/door installations, 3) poorly constructed decks/balconies, 4) exterior weather barrier deficiencies, 5) foundation problems, 6) MEP/HVAC system failures and 7) building envelope insulation issues.

Accelerated construction schedules, lack of skilled or trained labor, and poor site management can result in numerous construction problems. Short-sighted field decisions can also have long-term yet hidden impacts that are not discovered until well past Certificate of Occupancy. Construction defect claims typically hit in year eight or nine, compounded by years of cumulative deferred maintenance.

Technology-based reporting to track and analyze QA metrics will assist builders and their field teams with timely information on what went wrong and how to fix it. Risks of unproven building designs and field construction assembly failures, risks of property litigation, developer reputation risks are all important factors in the creation of a Quality Assurance Program. Monitoring trade contractor workmanship through methodical and real-time QA processes can eliminate widespread issues, saving builders and their insurance carriers costly rework in dollars and delays.

Equally important is the ability to drill down into the data to determine which projects in a portfolio are under-performing, identifying the reasons why and what are the root causes of failures. Such information provides insights to the building company owners and field management to remedy operational problems, avoiding systemic company-wide problems. What’s in your toolbox??


This is a Florida Certified Master Builder accredited course.