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Sales & Marketing


Day 1
01 Aug 2019

Marketing on a Budget: Low-Cost, High-Gain Tactics That Deliver

We will help you find ways to increase your marketing activities even with limited funds. The initial part of the presentation will focus on how to create a budget for...
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Mitch Levinson

Sell More Homes with These Innovative “Must Have” Design Ideas

Could your homes make your buyers lives easier? Wouldn’t that be a powerful selling tool? This program explores statistics and history of home buying decisions, who makes them and why....
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Deryl Patterson
Kay Green

How to Recession-Proof Your Business

When you listen to the news today, there’s a lot of talk about an impending recession or market crash. It’s enough to make anyone concerned about the future. But it’s...
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Haley Gray

The Ultimate Road Map to Today’s Advanced Digital Marketing

This session will dive deep into advanced integrated digital marketing campaigns, discussing different marketing tactics used to reach new customers. With local SEO, PPC, and using a mobile first strategy,...
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Lance Bachmann

Master Session: The Customer Experience – Best Practices for Profitability

All major aspects of the sales and building process are affected by the customer experience, making it one of the most critical elements for the success of your company. In...
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Chris Hartley
Will Duderstadt
Kimberly Mackey
Day 2
02 Aug 2019

Brand Development for Builders and Developers

Everybody’s Talking. Make sure you are part of the conversation. Positioning, messaging, budget, execution and measurement, creatively shaping the identify, story and experience of today’s built-environment. How real estate brands...
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Closing x10

This program uses memorable, entertaining graphics and text to teach ten specific and highly effective closing techniques along with how and when to use them. By themselves and in combination,...
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Carroll Jaskulski

Marketing Makeover: How To Stand Out in a Content Saturated World

In this presentation, Award Winning Marketing Strategist & Expert Antoine Dupont, will show you the tools and techniques for creating remarkable content in order to get more leads and grow...
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Antoine Dupont

Effective Digital Lead Generation Strategies You Probably Aren’t Utilizing

Your sales pipeline depends on quality lead generation. The opportunities to reach potential customers and generate leads online continue to expand and grow. Is a GeoFencing campaign right for you?...
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Greg Bray

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