Sales & Marketing


Day 1
16 Aug 2018

Marketing to Millennials

Let’s talk Millennials. The largest – though probably least understood – generation on earth. Seventy-five million people born between 1981 and 1996, many of whom are entering the home-buying marketplace...
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Robyn Bonaquist

Staying Inbound: How to Optimize Your Sales & Marketing Mix Through High-Quality Content Creation

Inbound Methodology is something that needs to be recognized in the real estate industry. The buyer’s journey has changed over the recent years and the buyers prefer a more exclusive,...
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Kelly Bosetti

The Struggle is Real(tor)

In this session we will be discussing the relationships between Builder and Realtor. We will take an in depth look at Builder/Realtor perceptions and offer up specific strategies on how...
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David Cribbs

Decipher the Digital Traffic Conversion Code

Everything today has become digital! But, do you understand the secrets behind all that digital stuff? In this short program, you’ll learn how to: Capture Internet Leads, Convert those Leads...
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Brian Flook

Sales & Marketing Rockfest Rally Presents: Double Down for Sales Success!

Our dynamic duo of Roland Nairnsey and Kimberly Mackey will entertain, educate and engage you with innovative tips and practices on how to MASTER your sales presentation from the moment...
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Kimberly Mackey
Roland Nairnsey
Day 2
17 Aug 2018

People Buying New Homes Want Green…They Just Don’t Call It That

If you were to map out a profile of the typical American buying homes today and lay it next to a profile of the typical person who wants a greener,...
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Suzanne Shelton

Stop Chasing Customers & Have Them Seek You Instead

You’re tired of constantly chasing the next customer, aren’t you? Tired of spending hours estimating a job only to see it go to someone else? Stop Chasing Customers & Have...
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David J. Dunworth

Model Behavior: What Prospects Do Before They Buy

You know your prospect’s buying signs when they’re standing in your model home. But do you know their buying signs when they’re on your website, social media pages and blog?...
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Rick Storlie

The Customer Experience Roller-Coaster

How long does your customer experience really last? Are your clients referring you to others after your project is complete? In this program we help you break down your customer’s...
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Jason Avery

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