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Building & Design


Day 1
01 Aug 2019

Where Building Science and Resiliency Intersect

This session will explore the importance of resiliency in high-performance home building and design, and take a closer look at current data and trends in voluntary, above-code programs. Presenters will...
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Jeff Hunt
Michelle Diller
Stephanie Thomas-Rees

Architecture & Design: Optimal Size, Efficient Design

Focus on “What is the Optimal Size” for spaces within the home with special attention to how we dine, cook, manage, and entertain, How to make Small Spaces Live Large...
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Ed Binkley

Anatomy of a Great Home

Architectural juries meet every year to bestow awards for the best home designs. Winning projects tend to share common characteristics. They employ the latest floor plan ideas, capitalize on exterior...
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Geoffrey Mouen
Boyce Thompson

Top Building Enclosure Mistakes & Solutions for Energy Efficiency, Water, and Moisture

This class focuses on identifying the mistakes that lead to water and moisture related problems in existing and new buildings. This class also focuses on the performance characteristics of residential...
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Steve Easley
Day 2
02 Aug 2019

Trends, Innovation, & Technology: The Shift in Model Home Design

Developed from cutting-edge research, this educational and fast-paced session by Joe Duffus, takes a deep dive into all the factors that increase absorption rates and maximize ROI. Joe will provide...
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Joe Duffus

Timeless to Trendy: What’s Next in Curb Appeal

Curb appeal has always been the first cornerstone for selling homes. Savvy builders have upped their game when it comes to the exteriors of their homes. But in a fast...
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Deryl Patterson

High Wind Events & the Importance of a Continuous Load Path

The performance of light-framed structures during extreme events, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, critically depends on the connections between structural elements. This presentation will review some of the relevant code...
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Keith Cullum

Urb Appeal: Living Big in Smaller Spaces

With housing markets flourishing across the nation and prices continually rising, smaller homes and denser neighborhoods are often the best solution to achieve more attainable prices. More compact floor plans...
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Steve James

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