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Interested in attending one of the live, complimentary CE sessions offered by SEBC? Be sure to follow the registration link the course descriptions below.

Registration for each course is free, but required for participation. 

Day 1
29 Jul 2020

Job Site Safety – Live Session

This course explains the OSHA regulations for the residential and light commercial builder. In order to participate in this live session, you must pre-register. Register with the link below: CLICK...
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Joan Spencer

Florida Laws & Rules – Live Session

This course will provide contractors with an understanding of the “Laws and Rules” for all classes of “Contractors and Building Department Personnel” that exist within the Florida Statutes and Rules...
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Ben Bush

Workers Compensation Compliance – Live Session

This course provides a general review of the Worker’s Compensation rules, including contractor/subcontractor issues, job safety and responsibilities of the owner. In order to participate in this live session, you...
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Daniel Ginden

Managing HVAC in High Performance Homes: How to Provide Comfort and Reduce Builder Liability – Live Session

Tightly air-sealed, well-insulated buildings combined with increased ventilation rates has become mainstream, and in many cases required by code. Better construction requires less heating and cooling, and better moisture management....
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Nikki Krueger

Risk Management for Builders – Live Session

This course provides an overview of risk management and its techniques that are applicable to the construction industry. It discusses the five steps in the risk management process, providing details...
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Daniel Ginden
Scott Zellak

The Makings of a Great Subfloor – Live Session

An overview of the current types of subfloor available and their product characteristics. Specific focus will be placed on the performance of each type of subfloor regarding strength, stiffness and...
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Andrew Thompson
Day 2
30 Jul 2020

Radon Training – Live Session

Learn the best principles and practices in radon construction. Radon-Resistant New Construction (RRNC) is a way to build a safer, healthier, radon-resistant home for customers. RRNC is much more cost...
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Padraic Conner

Want a Better Bottom-line? Then Make Your Homes Easier to Buy! – Live Session

Builders who want to win more sales need to deliver a superior buying experience that meets the demands of today’s home shopper. The traditional approach of internet-to-negotiation- table process we’ve...
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Lynne Davis
Kimberly Mackey

Economic and Housing Outlook – Live Session

Dr. Dietz will provide an overview of economic and housing market conditions with an eye on residential construction impacts. He will review macroeconomic factors affecting housing demand, industry-level detail on...
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Dr. Robert Dietz

Roofing Wind Mitigation – Live Session

This course is designed to provide contractors building code official and design professionals with 1.0 hour of training directly related to the roofing wind mitigation methodologies as contained in Chapter...
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John Farinelli

Advanced Training: Smoke Alarms Under the FBC, Residential & NFPA 72 – Live Session

This advanced course is designed to familiarize code officials, design professionals, and contractors with an overview of the location and installation requirements for smoke alarms contained in the Florida Building...
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John Farinelli

Legislative Session Update – Live Session

This course will review the most recent changes in State regulations affecting the residential construction industry and discuss current legislative bills, thus enhancing both the business competency and technical ability...
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Kari Hebrank
Rusty Payton
Day 3
31 Jul 2020

Home Trends, Buyer Preferences & Must-Have Features for 2020 – Live Session

This webinar will explore the design and structural characteristics of new homes built today and highlight how they have changed in the last two decades. We’ll also cover the features...
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Rose Quint
Donald Ruthoff

The Targeted Approach to Digital Marketing – Live Session

This presentation will explain how to use various methods of reaching your target market through digital ads. If you are running Google Ads or Social media campaigns and not using...
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Jim Schaefer

Air, Water and Moisture Management – Live Session

At the end of the program, participants should be able to identify the benefits of air and water-resistive barriers. Participants will recognize how wall systems are susceptible to vapor and...
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Jason Coleman

Framing For Success Reduce Call Backs – Live Session

Based on hundreds of job site inspections, APA staff have identified the most common wood construction framing and sheathing errors found in today’s construction market. This session will examine the...
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Stephanie Thomas-Rees

After the Storm – Lessons Learned about Building for High Wind Resistance – Live Session

This session will discuss structural failures observed during storm damage assessments and the behavior of wood structures during high wind events. An overview of how high wind forces work, the...
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Stephanie Thomas-Rees

Dry It In- Wood Framed Roofs – Live Session

An overview of current practices and materials being used in today’s construction industry to build wood-framed roofs. Specific focus will be placed on various roof underlayment types and their applications....
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Sawyer Branson

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