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Day 1
27 Jul 2017

What to Say and How To Say It

Using words and images to craft your digital marketing messages. Heard of “location, location, location”? For online marketing, it’s “Content, Content, Content!” What you say, and the way you say...
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Dana Nelson

Winning the Hearts and Wallets of Millennial Home Buyers

The Millennial generation is the largest generation in history but it’s not a monolith; members of the cohort span multiple life stages, from students to marrieds with children who are...
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Paige Shipp

Digital Disruption: Not Your Daughter’s Social Media

Soon the refrigerator will be able to create a shopping list. And the washing machine will alert the manufacturer about a slipping belt or worn receptor. It’s the Internet of...
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David J. Dunworth

2016-2017 Wall Street Journal Study: The Luxury Real Estate Buyer

WSJ Insights, The Wall Street Journal’s research team, performed a study of WSJ print & digital WSJ readers. They looked at income, household assets, region of residence and many purchasing...
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Damon Salerno

Sales & Marketing Rockfest Rally

Heart of a Winner, Soul of a Champion This sales and marketing rally featuring three of the nation’s leading sales and marketing experts will challenge attendees to ask themselves “Am...
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Meredith Oliver
John Palumbo
Leah Turner
Day 2
28 Jul 2017

Marketing to Your Perfect Customer

A 1% increase in price can result in nearly a 30% impact in bottom line growth. Price is the most impactful lever of profit, yet companies compete in vicious price...
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Steve Coughran

Scroll-Stopping Content for Social Media

Learn how to create and utilize scroll-stopping content for social media to cut through the clutter and maximize your brand exposure. A panel of marketing experts will discuss how to...
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John Afflebach
Chad Andres
Jim Schaefer

CRM Strategy – Leveraging Contacts for Success

Today many home builders and real estate professionals are focused on what they want – getting people into their model centers or storefronts. In reality, prospects have a long decision...
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Sharon Swender

Move Over Boomers, Here Come the Millennials…Is Your Brand Ready?

Millions of young people are ready to buy a home. Are you ready to sell to them? This generation is set to revolutionize America’s real estate business by influencing which...
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Nancy Walker

Creating Referral Success

During the Creating Referral Success Program, Tiffanie explores the simple steps necessary to create a steady flow of referrals for your business. Tiffanie will answer: Who could be passing you...
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Tiffanie Kellog

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