EXPO & EDUCATION • AUGUST 16 & 17, 2018 - #SEBC40

Main Stage Presentations

Day 1
27 Jul 2017

Florida Proof Flooring

Florida presents specific challenges for flooring, but what if you could have a floor that was Florida Proof? Sun wouldn’t fade it; sand wouldn’t scratch it; you could not stain...
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Stan Aldridge

Impact Windows and the 5 S Approach – Sound – Safety – Security – Solar – Storm

Hurricane window facts vs. myths, and will also give a great overview of the current building codes and how they can impact builders and consumers when they are building their...
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Jamison Eige
Jim Heise

The Use of Drone Technology in Construction

Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Intro & Capabilities) FAA Regulations & Ensuring Regulatory Compliance Airspace & Airspace Validation Applications Unmanned Aircraft in Construction, Survey & Mapping, Inspection, & Real Estate Marketing.

What Builders Need to Know About Home Automation

Audio One, with over 8 international CEDIA awards, and Jennifer Yosowitz, the COO of this nation’s top luxury residential home automation company, shares the facts on what builders and related...
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Jennifer Yosowitz & David Frangioni

Fiber Optics – Future Proofing Your Community

Hotwire Communications is Florida’s largest privately held provider of communications and entertainment services, delivering next-generation technology solutions to residential housing communities. Hear Hotwire discuss its state-of-the-art approach to providing Fiber-to-the-Home...
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Daniel O’Connell
Day 2
28 Jul 2017

Unique Strategies That Sell More Homes

We take a different approach to helping you SELL MORE HOMES. There’s a SCIENCE! -Marketing and merchandising play a vital role in moving real estate. Our team provides a unique-to-the...
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Joe Duffus

Award Winning Designs

This interactive engaging presentation will highlight the best practices in design from the Aurora competition. The panel members will review the Aurora honorees in multiple categories highlighting the attributes that...
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Patti Guthrie

Profiting from Outdoor Kitchens

As outdoor kitchens continue to gain momentum, many professionals in the design-build industries are unaware of the upselling opportunities available to them. By incorporating outdoor kitchens among their traditional service...
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Mitch Slater

Building Off-Grid

So you are thinking about building off-grid. Where do you start? What about regulations and permitting ? Should you use lead acid or lithium ion batteries for your back up...
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Doug Liles

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